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Thank you for visiting We strive to bring you valuable information and competitive quotes related to fiber optic services, especially Ethernet over Fiber.

What Services Does Fiber Network Quotes Offer?
We're a business site catering to businesses and other organizations that need bandwidth services installed at their business locations. Whether you are a small retail business owner or IT manager for a major corporation, we trust that you'll find our information helpful and our instant online quote service a time saver when you need bandwidth services. If you're not sure what type of service you need, have a look at the articles on this site. If you have your requirements defined and simply want competitive prices fast, use the instant online quote form farther down on this page.

How Does The Instant Online Quote Service Work?
We are affiliated with Telarus, Inc., the country's premier cloud & bandwidth services broker and inventor of GeoQuote, the patented automatic price quoting service. Telarus represents dozens of major telecom carriers with regional, national and international service footprints. What they've done is create an app that goes out and finds bandwidth services that meet your requirements and are available for your particular business location or locations. This can save you hours, days and weeks over hunting down providers, calling to obtain quotes, waiting for replies and then comparing results. GeoQuote simply lets you input your company information and desired service in a couple of minutes. Then it returns a list of services and their prices, in order from lowest cost to highest. You can run this app anytime, even after business hours and see what is available.

What Quotes Can I Get
We feature Ethernet over Fiber bandwidth quotes from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. These prices quotes are available instantly online. If you wish, you can also get quotes for T1 lines, DS3 connections, ISDN PRI telephone trunks, and Cable business broadband services quoted instantly online. Other services, such as SONET fiber optic bandwidth, hosted PBX, MPLS networking will require some manual effort and will be sent to you promptly. That often means only a few hours delay. After you run your quote, you have the option to discuss the results with a Telarus product expert. You'll find that well worth your effort, as these experts can help you refine your needs and let you know about any limited time special offers that aren't in the general pricing system.

Our Privacy Policy
We do not require registration to read the articles on this site. If you choose to use the Telarus GeoQuote pricing service or send us an email message, any personal information you provide will only be used to help answer your questions and assist you in getting the bandwidth services you desire.

Use of Our Published Articles
We invite you to peruse the collection of informational articles we've written as tutorials or helpful ideas on how Fiber Optic and related services can benefit your business. If you like any of them well enough to share with friends and colleagues, please feel free to post links to any of our pages on social networking sites but don't copy the full text and put it anywhere else on the Web. It just diminishes readership to this site. On the other hand, we will generally grant permission for print media reproduction with proper attribution. Contact us. If you happen to write an industry newsletter or blog and simply want to quote short passages with a link back to the original article, you can certainly do that... with our thanks.

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How to Contact Us
Do you have a question regarding something you found on this website or would like to offer a comment or suggestion? Your messages are always welcome. Please send them to ContactUs (at)

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Our extensive cloud and telecom line services are provided by Telarus, Inc., a premier bandwidth & cloud service broker and master agency. Please provide accurate phone & email contact information or call toll free for support anytime at 1-888-848-8749. All information you provide will be used only to support your inquiry and will not be shared.


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