Instant Fiber Network Quotes for Ethernet 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps
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How Instant Fiber Network Quotes Work
Here's how it's possible to get instant online quotes for Ethernet bandwidth to 1 Gbps.

By: John Shepler

Fiber optic bandwidth is in higher demand than ever before. More companies are now involved in video production and distribution, medical imaging has gone electronic, and IT in the cloud is bandwidth demanding. If only it wasn’t so difficult and time consuming to find out what fiber services are available and how much they cost...

How Fast Can You Get High Bandwidth Quotes?
How does instantly online sound? Too good to be true? Not anymore. The Telarus GeoQuote bandwidth search engine has been upgraded yet again. This time it includes the ability to get instant online quotes for Ethernet over Fiber in bandwidths from 10 Mbps on up to 1 Gbps (GigE). It’s not for residential users, but for business locations that need professional grade bandwidth.

What is GeoQuote?
GeoQuote is a patented software system developed by telecommunications broker Telarus, Inc. over the last 9 years. This breakthrough technology first made it possible to get T1 line quotes online in a matter of minutes by automating the same methodology that carriers themselves use to determine line prices. It was revolutionary in the last decade, when such price quotes often took days or weeks to obtain. Now that capability has been expanded to include Business DSL, Business Cable, Fractional T1, Internet T1, Bonded T1 lines, Satellite broadband, Fractional and Full DS3, Ethernet over Copper and Ethernet over Fiber.

How To Use GeoQuote To Get Pricing
To us the system, you simply enter some basic contact and location information, pick the service you are interested in, and push the button. The GeoQuote servers go to work crunching the database information appropriate to your particular business location and then deliver a list of services. You may enter additional information to get pricing.

How Accurate is GeoQuote?
The pricing should be considered budgetary, although it is highly accurate. What might be missing is any buildout costs peculiar to your particular situation. These have to be assessed on a case by case basis.

What If Fiber Isn't Available?
Not all locations have fiber optic service available. If that is true for your location, the system obviously can’t return a price for Ethernet fiber. However, you likely will qualify for another service such as Ethernet over Copper, DS3 or bonded T1. Also, there are services that may be available but must be manually quoted. That includes high bandwidth fixed wireless, SONET fiber optic services like OC-3, OC-12 and OC-48, and multi-location MPLS networks.

What If You Need More Assistance?
Not to worry. The product specialists at Telarus are skilled at working with the dozens of service providers offering business bandwidth. Let them give you a call to talk over your requirements and you’ll likely find that you have many more options that you thought possible and at lower costs that you’d expect.

Free Consulting Support plus Pricing & Availability
Fiber optic SONET and Ethernet connections are now available in bandwidths from 10 Mbps up to 10 Gbps. Find out in seconds if your building or a nearby location is already lit for low cost high bandwidth services. Simply enter your commercial building address in the form below and check the map results....

Instant Fiber Bandwidth Service Locator

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Accurate business information is needed to provide correct results and prompt assistance. Your information will only be used for this applicaiton and will not be shared. Click here for the Telarus Shop For Ethernet privacy policy.

Our extensive telecom and network services are provided by Telarus, Inc., a premier bandwidth broker and master agency. You can get personal support by calling toll free anytime at 1-888-848-8749 to speak with a bandwidth product specialist. These services are appropriate for business addresses only.


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